Should you pay for moving packing services?

Moving all your worldly possessions from point A to B can be an expensive endeavor, and many people are eager to cut costs wherever they can. However, moving is also time consuming and stressful, so it can be tempting to pay extra for packing services for the move. Are packing services really worth it, and […]

Keeping your kids safe in the chaos of moving

Moving day brings with it a variety of potential dangers. Even though your children won’t be doing any of the heavy lifting, they can still get injured on moving day. Some of the potential moving days are dangerous: • Open doorways that young kids can crawl out of or fall down flights of steps • […]

Solutions for packing breakable items for a move

Stemware, vases, mirrors, LCD TVs, lamps. These are just a few of the breakable items that are going to have to get packed during your next move. Don’t worry – it is possible to move breakable items safely. Here are some solutions on how to get them packed without hassle. Is there a specialty box […]

Immediate costs of a small business relocation

When relocating your small business, there are many more costs to factor in than just the rental costs. Here are some of the immediate costs of business relocation to make sure you don’t overlook. 1. New Premise Budget for the deposit, broker fees, closing fees, move-in fees, cleaning fees, and costs for re-configuring the space. […]

Tips for packing your jewelry for a move

You know how your jewelry can sometimes end up tangled in your jewelry box? Well, imagine how tangled it could get during a move when your jewelry box is being tossed this way and that! Because jewelry is often valuable (both monetarily and sentimentally), it is important that you follow these jewelry packing tips for […]

How to store a refrigerator safely in temporary storage?

Temporary storage facilities are really handy in situations like when you can’t move into your new home right away and need a place to keep your belongings. While most temporary storage facilities are safe, there are some extra precautions you should take to keep your belongings safe. Here is what you need to know about […]

Get unpacked faster with these tips!

In the movie The Incredible, Helen calls her husband Bob at work to celebrate a “momentous occasion”: Helen: We are officially moved in. Bob: And the last three years don’t count because? Helen: Because I have finally unpacked the last box! The scene is funny specifically because it is something that anyone who has ever […]